Conor Jones, SMC

State Master Councilor

Conor is a member of C.E. Hendricks Chapter in Hendersonville, TN.

Timothy Martin, DSMC

Deputy State Master Councilor

Timothy is a member of Murfreesboro Chapter in Murfreesboro, TN.

Austin Brown, SSC

State Senior Councilor

Austin is a member of Sequatchie Valley Chapter in Dunlap, TN.

Cade Lowrance, SS

State Scribe

Cade is a member of Sequatchie Valley Chapter in Dunlap, TN.

State Sweetheart

Stormi Wright

Knighthood Lady

Megan Sadler

Knighthood Officers


Illustrious Knight Commander (IKC) – Greg Albert

Squire Commander – Matt Barker

Page Commander – Joseph Kindoll

State Staff & ISC Members

John Whitaker – Executive Officer - Active Member ISC

Dennis Rose – East District Governor - Active Member ISC

Craig Maddux – Middle District Governor - Active Member ISC

Randy Williams – Director of Ritual / Director of Alumni - Active Member ISC

Austin Whitaker – Director of State Officers - Deputy Member ISC

John Kodet –  Deputy Member ISC

J. Tim Rhea – Director of Knighthood / East District Lt. Governor

Jerome Martin – Director of Athletics

Matthew Rose – Assistant Director of Athletics

Nathan Rogers – Assistant Director of Ritual

Macaleb Rose – Assistant Director of State Officers

Karl Bridgers – State Squires Director

Shane Uselton – Director of Andrew Jackson Chapter

James Reed – Honorary Member ISC

Jim L. Cain, Sr. – Honorary Member ISC - Imperial High Priest & Prophet, Shriners International

John L. Weaver, III – Honorary Member ISC - Past Potentate & Recorder, Al Menah Shriners