DeMolay is a good start for young men that need help discovering and harnessing their superpowers. This year we are going to use our combined superpowers to help the children at the Shriners Hospitals for Children and to recruit new members.  

Membership Program

DeMolay Lantern Recruitment Program

The DeMolay Lantern Recruitment Program is based off the Green Lantern Corps which is in the DC comics. The Green Lantern Corps are the intergalactic law enforcement force that protects the galaxy from any threats. They use a military based ranking for their corps.

This program encourages younger and newer DeMolays to begin joining the ranks of other DeMolays by recruiting more friends that desire to become brothers of our order.

Membership Program Point System

This membership program is a sweet and simple program that makes it easier to keep track of individual and chapters progress through the Green Lantern Corps. The individual with the most recruitments will be rewarded with a special prize. The chapter with the most new recruits will be rewarded with a trophy. The way to rise through the ranks is by being the first line signer on a petition.

Chapter Rankings

Alpha Corp - 1st         Beta Corp - 2nd         Charlie Corp - 3rd

Individual Rankings

  • 1 initiate - Indigo Corps
  • 2 initiates - Blue Corps
  • 3-4 initiates - Green Corps
  • 5 initiates - White Corps

Charity Project

Shriners Hospitals for Children

The Shriners Hospital is a clash of super heroes with their own unique special powers that save the lives of children. This year every chapter is required to do one fundraiser for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.


Teen DeMolay Award - This award will be presented to any DeMolay that has been a member for less than a year or that is under the age of 15. This award will be given to one DeMolay that meets the qualifications, comes to the most events, and stands out by being the most respectful, helpful, and upright young man. The award is not just based on state events but is for any DeMolay that stays involved and comes to activities that are not required. This award is not offered to the state officers and is based on participation and attitude.