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Term Planning

We will be participating in the DeMolay International Plan for Success Challenge. The most important incentive for membership retention and membership growth is being a part of an active and growing Chapter. The goal for this year is to transform every chapter in Tennessee into a functioning, well organized and extremely active chapter. The first step in this process is the creation of a “Plan for Success” for your chapter. It is true that if we fail to plan then we plan to fail. I am asking the DeMolays and Advisors of each Chapter to submit a Term Program outlining chapter events occurring each of their 6 month Master Councilor Terms. Plans will be posted on the Tennessee Website. This will enable our state officers and other DeMolays to be aware of upcoming events across the state. Deadlines for submission will be September 1 for Plan 1 and February 1 for Plan 2. Certificates will be presented at Conclave to all chapters who prepared and submitted both plans. Hopefully, the greatest reward each Chapter will experience is increased membership and greater participation in chapter, district and state events. We are asking each chapter to also submit their plans to DeMolay International.

Term planning can be an intimidating and overwhelming process for a chapter, but keep it simple. Creating a calendar of events with Chapter meetings, chapter events including obligatory day observance, State/district events, etc. is all you need to get started!


We plan on establishing monthly “Roundtable Meetings” via conference call/group voice chats with the state officers and Chapter Master Councilors or his representative. We will distribute information about the schedule and how to connect at the State Staff Meeting.


This year, we will introduce the “Traveling Sword of Comradeship” to encourage inter-chapter visitation. The Sword will start with the chapter with the youngest member present. In order to claim the sword, your chapter must visit the chapter with the sword with at least 1 DeMolay member. If multiple chapters visit, the chapter with the most members present will capture the sword. If there is a tie, the chapter with the youngest member present wins the tie. Notify the SMC when the sword is captured. The Chapter that steals the sword the most number of times (and notifies the SMC at the time of transfer) will get to keep the sword.

DeMolay Obligatory Days

Devotional Day – A day during the week that includes March 18

On Devotional Day it is the duty of the members of each Chapter of DeMolay to attend as a group, a worship service in some church, synagogue, mosque, temple, chapel or other place of worship approved by the Advisory Council.

Patriots' Day – Any day in the month of February

On Patriots' Day each Chapter shall arrange a program at which the great patriotic events of the country in which the Chapter is located shall be reviewed, so that the great light of patriotism may never grow dim.

Educational Day – A day convenient to the Chapter

On Educational Day it is the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program that will tend to emphasize the value of an education and the fact that the public school is a bulwark of liberty and must be maintained.

DeMolay Day of Comfort – Day between Nov 15 - Dec 31

On DeMolay Day of Comfort it is the duty of each Chapter to visit the sick or aged.

Parents' Day – A day between May 1 and June 21

On Parents' Day it is the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program to which the parents, guardians, mentors or other significant caregivers are invited and at which they will be suitably recognized.

My Government Day – Any day in the month of July

On My Government Day it is the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program at which the members may learn about the government of the country in which the Chapter is located.

Frank S. Land Memorial Day – A day near November 8

On Frank S. Land Memorial Day it is the duty of each Chapter to arrange a memorial program in honor and memory of Dad Frank S. Land, Founder of the Order of DeMolay, and to carry out a special fund raising effort with the proceeds being donated to a Masonic charity.