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  • State Events
  • Points
  • Communication & Exploration

One of the main things to focus on every year is membership.  This year it is the BESERKER program.  It focuses around getting people beserk for DeMolay.   This means calling people who haven’t been around in a while, having a prospect at every event possible, using PowerPoints to explain what DeMolay is, and obviously having a lot of fun at events.


The Philanthropy for this year is the Bill Wilkerson Hearing Center. They specialize in helping those with ear, nose, and throat diseases along with speech, hearing, and language problems. They are also supported by the Scottish Rite, who have a small organization that helps fundraise for them.
Some ideas on how to fundraise are to have a soup dinner, have a car wash, a bake sale, movie night, chapter yard sale, a chapter dance, etc.  Chapters can collect funds by placing a collection jar in your chapter meeting place, a lodge, or other appropriate places.

  • Please mail donations to Conor Jones at 1830 Hygeia Rd. Greenbrier TN 37073.   ***MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to the Bill Wilkerson Center.

State Events
District Conclaves
White Water Rafting - August 6th
Wilderness in the Smokies - January
Sweethearts Ball
Lake Winnepesaukah - May 27 (date subject to change)

Points System
The points will be chapter based.  Your chapter is a ship of Vikings exploring the world.  Your journey begins in Sweden.  You are awarded 3 points for an initiation/degree, 1 point for every initiate, 1 point for every two people that attend a state function, 2 points for every event your chapter conducts such as working at a circus or having a dance.   The path of the journey goes like this:

  • Start in Sweden

5 points - Norway                  30 points - Ireland
10 points - ­Denmark              35 points - Iceland
15 points - ­Finland                 40 points - Greenland
20 points -­ Baltics                 45 points - Vinland
25 points - England              50 points - Michigan

This journey follows the real path as the Vikings traveled across the world.  Whichever chapters reach Michigan will receive a certificate at conclave.

Something to focus on this year is communication.  Sometimes it feels like I go a long time without hearing anything from another chapter.  To combat this the Master Councilor of each chapter will be sent a five question form asking about what upcoming events are, planned degrees, and what points they qualified for.  I’ll contact the MC the first weekend of each month to fulfill this.

Part of being in DeMolay is learning how to be a better man, and to explore more about our organization.  To do this there will be three months where we focus on LCC’s, the Leader’s Resource Guide, and Ritual Work.

  • In September we will focus on completing the LCC’s.  1 point will be awarded for every DeMolay who turns in all five LCC’s in the month of September.   
  • In November we will put a focus on the Resource Guide. This means sitting down and reading about the office you hold, what the chapter advisor does, or how the International Level works.  At the end of November a questionnaire will be put out to see how much you read and Chapters will get 1 point for every 3 people that make 85% or above on it.
  • February will focus around Ritual.  This means holding a practice for a day or two to solely focus on floorwork, memorization, pronunciation, etc.  The goal is to always perform the ritual perfectly, and good practice makes perfect.  Chapters that hold two practice days or events in February will be awarded two points.